Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guitar Scales

Free guitar scales eBook is perfect for both those just beginning to take guitar lessons, and the advanced guitarist alike.

When I was first
learning how to play guitar, the chords came fairly easy. Sure the first position F chord was a little rough and the barre B flat didn’t quite sound right for the first bit, but I hung tough and prevailed.

But a few weeks later when my teacher started to show me the
guitar scales, I baulked.I told him that I’d rather concentrate on chords, but he wanted me to start learning to play lead guitar so he took a different approach: He taught me what he called the box pattern.

And into that box pattern I jumped, and into that box pattern I stayed. My
guitar lesson was only 30 minutes long, and only half of that or less was devoted to improvising solos, so how bad could it be?

But then, I started jamming with other musicians and forming bands. Soon we started getting playing parties, dances and eventually we were doing shows. And the longer the gigs were the more stale my box solos got.

I even got tired of hearing them myself!

It was then I knew drastic measures had to be taken. I had to do what I should have done in the first place: learn the scales.

I dedicated myself to gathering the
guitar scales and mapping them out on the guitar neck, and I practiced them. I challenged myself by playing the notes out of order, creating fun little exercises. I then started implementing them into my solos and…viola’ la! I had broken out of the box.

It was at that point that I started using the whole tonal range of the guitar, and the entire fingerboard was availed to me to use. And, I could use it knowing what I was doing.

The gig kept coming in, and I’m proud to say I’m now an in demand full-time professional musician by using a practical approach to improving my solos.

I have put together all my notes, all the major and natural minor
guitar scales in all 12 keys, the chromatic and pentatonic scales, and some tricks and tips for using them together in a free guitar scales eBook so guitarist everywhere don’t have to go through the legwork I did to get where I am today.

Here's where you can grab your copy: simply click on the link below or just copy and paste the web address into your browser and hit enter, it’s absolutely 100% free!

Best Wishes,

Joe Smith